CellReactor series 36

Perfusion SUB for 1,500 ml scaffold

CellReactor is a novel perfusion Perfusion-Single-Use-Bioreactor in development designed for steady state continuous cultivation of high density adherent as well as suspension type of mammalian cells for expression of biologics. CellReactor is ready-to-use, pre-assembled and facilitates integrated also Single-Use-Sensors all in a pre-sterilized and complete package designed for continues expression and biomass control by sequential cell bleeding.

CellReactor general specification:

CellReactor model, p/n


Vessel volume/size, ml


Media reservoir volume, ml


Working matrix volume, ml


Matrix surface area, cm2


Weight, grams


This version of CellReactor is designed with one build-in single-use media wetted membrane pump driven by a re-usable diaphragm pump unit and controlled by a suitable Process-Control-Systems (PCS), such as from www.cronus-pcs.com