Easy suggestions for Perfusion-SUBs

The modular PerfuseCell accessories

Fully interchangeable between Vessel Volume of 500 ml P-SUB-mini and the 3200 ml P-SUB-medium size. It all Plug & Play for both CellMembra and CellRetention. In practice the Working Volume range from 100 ml to 2.000 ml within the same concept. Ideal for both screening and next step scale up lab work.

Thermal control

The Heating-Support-Foot's (HSF) improves vastly mechanical stability for in specific the very light weight little P-SUB-mini. HSF encapsulates the SUB circumference though allow visual inspection to the broth. As to the minimum air gap then thermal control is as good as it gets - with height only 45 mm.

Stack of HSF-2262 available for 3 different voltages – 48 VDC, 110 VAC and 230 VAC. Infrared camera photo showing same temperature inside the P-SUB media volume - same orange colour. Same setup of CellMembra or CellRetention in HSF-2262-230 with normal camera.

Parallel operation

Do you need like 4 or 8 or 16 P-SUBs operating in parallel? Mix freely between the mini or the medium size P-SUBs and SUBs? Do you already have 4 or more Process-Control-System’s (PCS) available in your lab. Straight forward with all the accessories available from PerfuseCell. Its all plug & play!

Whatever servo motor you may have the MST can adapt - with agitation for both 500 ml and 3200 ml P-SUBs. The width of 4 x P-SUBs mounted in HSF on MST is less than 0,8 meter space on your lab table. This setup fits in particular well with the DasGip Parallel PCS system with RE30 or RE40 servo motors (PCS pn 76DG04CC or 76DG08CC or 76DG16CC).

Bio-mass Single-Use-Sensor

The observant viewer see the Futura-PICO bio-mass (+ VisiWell + pH + liquid level) all Single-Use-Sensor's pre-installed in both the CellMembra-mini and the CellRetention-mini. Its a tight fit - but we managed.

Single-Use-Sensors are the future - no doubt! Easy connection to PCS via classical signal and connectors. Check out the Futura PICO bio-mass SUS pre-installed. Futura pre-amplifier mounted on PICO top. See that VisiWell Single-Use-Well is designed for the VisiFerm DO sensor. Customized pH SUS with classical signal and socket. All easy to connect to any PCS.